Using Music to Teach in a Proper Discourse Community.

In a real world classroom setting you wouldn’t think that music could play a part in learning on the subject of composition in the English language. I think and in my experience I would play a huge roll in students learning how to manipulate their words in to sentences, sentences into paragraphs, paragraphs into pages and pages into a piece.

When all else fails… music. When music is brought into a classroom for the purpose of learning, you open the doors to so many issues in the world and basically build a bridge from the podium as a teacher to the minds of the students. When using music that deals with raw issues occurring in the world right now and in the past, it gives students the inspiration, for lack of a better word, to talk to their teachers essentially building trust when these issues are brought up in the class.

For example, Rap music in inner-city schools is a big thing when dealing with issues that are relate-able to that discourse community. I read an article in which a teacher educator, Jamal A. Cooks. Cooks gave three reasons why he believed using Hip hop music in this type of classroom setting was important: “1. hip-hop music was culturally relevant to the lives of the students because they listened to rap music, wrote rap songs, and imitated hip-hop artists; 2. the issues discussed in most rap songs could be used to talk about a variety of topics, determine how these issues affected the students, and increase student engagement; and 3. students needed illustrations of how to master a variety of writing styles for academic success.”(Cooks) see in works cited page.


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