How Music and Writing Intertwine… In my Life and Others.

Music often tells a story. Watching a music performance is a story in itself. There is a way a music performer has stage presence the way an author has a way with words. No two music performances are the same, sure maybe the set list is the same, but the energy of each show and from city to city, state to state is completely different, and that is for any genre. The same thing with writing. A book or short story may have similar aspects but the way those words came about on the page are a story in it self. I love to watch interviews with bands or musicians and read essay’s on writing from authors. That to me is the true meaning of the story within a story. What was going on in that authors life to make them write the way they did or what was going on in that musicians life to write or compose a song the way they did. I know this might be a little bit off topic but look at Picasso during the “blue period,” in which he started using blue paint from hearing of his friends suicide. Its these life experiences that define us as people and affect our self expression.

A teacher Rebecca Brown,  wrote this article I read (works cited page)  was talking about how many of her students listened to music when they were writing and if they didn’t, why not? Only like four out of twelve students, she said in her class, preferred to write to music “because of their “short attention spans” or because they wanted to “listen to something upbeat that would keep them moving throughout the writing process.” (Brown)

Personally when I write, or get in the mood to write, I always listen to Jazz. I think it essentially has to go back to when I was in middle school, like I talked about before and was new to writing, I saw the movie Finding Forrester, and the score from that movie is mostly Jazz at that point and time the only thing I knew about writing was that it was a fun outlet for me as a kid, and I was good at it, so when I saw that movie for the first time I guess I just always associated writing with Jazz music. Then when I was around that same age I went to my first poetry reading with my friends mom. My friend was also the drummer in our first band at that time… anyway, she was really into it. We went for ice cream the one night and ended up at this coffee shop listening to local poets and short story writers. I don’t really remember much but for some reason again I felt comfortable and I felt as if I belonged. From that point on I just remember writing a lot of horrible corny poetry about how I had a crush on this girl and I ended up reading it in class and I think two weeks after that I told that girl that I was in a band. We started dating roughly a week after.

So not only did I enjoy writing and playing music, and not only did they make me feel good, but I was benefiting from it, which was astonishing. But I might have to say that listening to the punk rock music that I was listening to at that time really didn’t do much for my school career or at least my attitude toward it. But I can honestly say that if I didn’t have that as an outlet as a kid who knows I might not be here today. 1317055236-miles-davis


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