Composing Composition

In Peter Elbows essay on relating musical composition to writing… academic and creative. He touched on setting up expectations in music and how you can learn a lot about the composition of writing from how a song is written, not just the words but how the music is composed. He talks about setting up expectations through songs and how if this is studied and practiced it could greatly improve a writers ability to develop more depth in his/her story or academic work. So your basically setting up expectations and building a scenario in a story rather than dilly dallying around with a whole bunch of detail, although pin pointing detail plays a major key in pulling this off successfully. (elbow)

I always have trouble getting so wrapped up in detail in a story or even a poem I am working on. I tend to over write things. When and where I could cut things down I get so scared that I would be taking away from a piece but rather if I were more inclined to do so i would actually be adding to my work. This is a bad habit I need to work on breaking. When ever I hand something in for revision from either a teacher, a mentor or a friend, its always the same story. “Cut this down, take this out or keep it short.” Ever since having this drilled into my mind my writing has greatly improved. and looking at this method in a means that I can understand, in regards to music, it just makes things so much easier during the writing process to think “hey how would this sound in a song.” I know that is rather childish but sometimes when it comes to writing I have to keep things so simple that they’re complicated for me.


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